Terms & Conditions of Sale

General Terms:


  1. All claims must be accompanied by the original invoice
  2. Pickup Salvage Co. is not responsible for the buyers error.
  3. It is the buyers responsibility to provide Pickup Salvage Co. with a VIN number for best accuracy.
  4. It is the buyers responsibility to provide Pickup Salvage Co. with accurate information as to the item requested.
  5. It is the buyers responsibility to inspect the item being purchased for accuracy and condition at time or purchase.
  6. There is no warranty on seals, gaskets, ball joints, bushings and any other sealing and/or maintenance components.
  7. Damaged and/or altered items are considered void of warranty.
  8. Deposits are a guarantee to purchase and are not refundable.
  9. Pickup Salvage Co. makes no claim as to accuracy of color and/or trim package.
  10. Unless stated on the face of the invoice, there is no other warranty expressed or implied.
  11. In the event of a warranty claim. Pickup Salvage Co. reserves the right to repair or replace the item in question.
  12. Any refund by Pickup Salvage Co. will be in the form of a company check. If the item was purchased by any other form other then cash, Pickup Salvage Co. reserves the right to postpone refund until such payment clears.
  13. There is a 20% restocking fee for any in stock item being returned and is approved for return. There are no exceptions to this policy.
  14. There is a $25.00 fee for returned checks.
  15. Buyer agrees to pay all fees associated with the collection of this debt. 2% finance charge will be incurred monthly for any overdue balance.
  16. Mechanical items required a core to be returned unless stated otherwise on the invoice.
  17. Core become property of Pickup Salvage Co. and are not returnable.
  18. If the core is not returned within a 30 day period any and all warranties may be void.
  19. Smog and/or all emission components are sold as-is. There is no warranty expressed or implied. 
  20. Cores must be drained of all fluids prior to returning or a $25.00 fee will be deducted from the core refund.
  21. Electrical items are sold as-is unless otherwise stated on the sales invoice.


Special Orders:


  1. A deposit of no less then 50% is required on all special order items.
  2. Deposits are not refundable, it will be used to pay for shipping item both ways if you change your mind while in transit.
  3. Special orders are not returnable.
  4. Parts and deposits left over 30 days are considered abandoned and therefor forfeited.
  5. Pickup Salvage Co. is not responsible for delays in shipping times. Shipping times are beyond the control of Pickup Salvage Co.

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