Gas Engine Warranty:

For diesel engines click: Diesel Engine Warranty

    All engines come with a standard 90 day and/or 3000 mile warranty with the exception of commercial vehicles which have a 30 day and/or 1000 mile warranty. All warranties are based from the date of purchase. The parts covered by this warranty are the engine block, cylinder head with valves, crank shaft connecting rods and bearings, pistons, piston rings, oil pump, crank shaft and bearings, cam shaft, rocker arms, valve lifters, and other internal parts. Excluded from this warranty are the fuel induction, fuel pump, water pump, all electrical parts, hoses, lines, intake and exhaust manifolds, fuel injector pumps, all other fuel injection parts, and all other external parts. Calibration and adjustment of excluded parts are also excluded from this warranty. This warranty is void if new oil, oil filter, antifreeze, and air cleaner element are not used in installation.



Warranty is effective from the date or purchase.


1. All bolts must be re-torqued.
2. All fluids and filters must be replaced.
3. Timing belt(s) must be replaced.
4. Water pump and thermostat must be replaced.
5. Cooling system must be flushed.
6. Spark plugs and tuneup components must be replaced (Gas engines)
7. Gaskets and seals (recommended)

Items not covered under this warranty.

1. Seals and/or gasket leaks including freeze plugs.
2. Injectors and/or fuel system components.
3. Cooling system components including water pump & thermostat.
4. Manifolds either intake and/or exhaust.

1. Some components may be left on the engine to facilitate removal and/or installation.
2. These items are not warrantied.
3. Installation must be completed by an ASE Certified facility.
4. Pickup Salvage Co. is not responsible for any consequential damages or charges.
5. Pickup Salvage Co. reserves the right to investigate any and all claims.
6. Copy of installation invoice must be submitted to Pickup Salvage Co. within 30 days of sale.   

Core Returns:
1. All cores are due within 30 days from the date of invoice.
2. Cores must be drained of all fluids or a $25.00 disposal fee will be deducted from the core charge refund.
3. Core returns must include the same items as what you received at the time of purchase, either your or ours.

This warranty is void if:
1. Any commercial use.
2. Any racing or off-road use.
3. Any installation into anything the engine was not designed for.
4. Lack of maintenance as per manufacturer recommendations or lack of proof, of such maintenance.
5. Any alterations or modifications to the engine and/or running gear and/or suspension of the vehicle installed into including over-size or under-size tires.
6. Engine overheating.
7. There are markers and heat sensitive indicators placed throughout the engine. Removal and/or alterations to these indicators will void your warranty.

In case of a claim.
1. Call Pickup Salvage Co. first and have your invoice in hand.
2. Discontinue use of vehicle immediately.
3. Proof of proper installation and maintenance records will be requested.
4. Pickup Salvage Co. reserves the right to determine the best course of action to satisfy the warranty claim such as:

  1. Repair
  2. Replace
  3. or Refund

5. Any refunds will be made with a company check, no cash refunds.
6. Shipping, towing and/or labor charges are not covered and/or refundable unless additional warranties are purchased.

Note: Due to Ford manufacturing and/or design.

  1. Warranty does not cover spark plug blow-out of cylinders.
  2. It is recommended that you change the intake manifold and test it for squareness.
    • Any warranty claim due to either of these issues will consider the warranty void.
  3. Spark plug breakage is a common problem and is not covered under warranty.
    • NOTE: There is a tool to help you remove these broken spark plugs. Go to DenLors Tools to see the tool and instructions