The property that Pickup Salvage sits on today was originally owned by same family who owned the El Adobe Hotel in downtown Bakersfield. On the property was the Crystal Inn, a restaurant-hotel with a large dance floor. In the 1950’s, the family lost possession of the Crystal Inn which ended up burning down in a terrible fire. The location was then established as a recycle yard, believe to be named Franks Auto Recycling, before the property was sold.

    In 1983, Pickup Salvage Company was established and run out of a small wooden building on the North end of the property. After that building burned down in 1986, the now office and showroom/warehouse was built. After rebuilding, one of the two small trailer parks sharing the North fence of the salvage yard was purchased and used as a property expansion for the company, the remnants of which still remain.

The current owner of P.S.C. began working here in 2009 as the General Manager with a history in the auto industry starting in 1986. in 2013, the current owner purchased P.S.C. with the intent of improving and expanding the company.

    Pickup Salvage which used to only specialize in trucks, now specializes in pickups, SUVs, Jeeps, 4-wheel-drives, and cars. P.S.C. also provides both retail and wholesale services to a wide range of customers from professional grade body shops and mechanics, to the vehicle owner who prefers to work on their vehicle themselves.

    With more than 30 years in the industry, the owner of P.S.C. states, “a large portion of customers the company sees are simply not afraid to try and work on their vehicle, do not have a large financial means, and so are looking for quality product at bargain prices.”