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Transmission & Transfer Case:

    Pickup Salvage Co. warrants to the original purchaser its transmission to be free of defects for a period of 90 days from the date of sale. The parts covered by this warranty are the transmission case and all internal parts including the torque converter. Excluded from this warranty are the transmission mounts, shift linkage, flywheel, and all other external parts and problems that result from not installing new front and rear main seals when installing the transmission. This warranty is void if new oil and oil filter are not used at time of installation.

More detailed information can be found here.




  • This warranty applies only to the original purchaser as the part and only as long as the part is still installed in the vehicle for which it was originally purchased 90 days or for longer if an extended warranty is purchased.
  • The warranty is not transferable. If any defect is discovered during the warranty period, Pickup Salvage Co. must be informed immediately.
  • All claims must be accompanied by the part and the original sales receipt.
  • Defects must be verified and all work under this warranty authorized by Pickup Salvage Co..
  • Transportation costs of any part to Pickup Salvage Co. is specifically excluded from this warranty.
  • Pickup Salvage Co. reserves the right to repair, replace or refund the purchase price of any part at its option.
  • Such repair, replacement, or refund will satisfy all obligations under this warranty.
  • Any improper use, abuse (including but not limited to overheating or low oil in engines, transmissions or any oil lubricated items), neglect, careless handling, damage done by improper installation or repairs, or removal of a part from the vehicle in which it was first installed after purchase from Pickup Salvage Co. shall void this warranty.
  • Melting or removal of heat tabs installed by Pickup Salvage Co. if applicable will be considered evidence of overheating.
  • Labor costs, including the cost of moving attached external parts from the purchaser's old part to Pickup Salvage Co.'s part, seals, gaskets, fluids, and similar supplies are specifically excluded from this warranty.


Part-for-Part Core Policy

General Policy - All cores returned to Pickup Salvage Company need to be Part-for-Part core, meaning the same Make/Model type of part sold to you. If the same is not returned there will be NO credit given. All cores must be returned within thirty (30) days of date of purchase. A full credit will be given unless there are certain damages listed below  

 Engines (not including diesel engines)

  • Disassembled - (50%)
  • Missing Parts - (No Credit)
  • Visibly Broken - (50%)
  • Not Completely Drained - ($25.00 Fee)

Diesel Engines

  • Missing Turbo(s)/Injector(s)/Pump(s) - (No Credit)
  • Broken Block - (50%)
  • Not Completely Drained - ($50.00 Fee)
  • Disassembled (25%)


  • Disassembled - (50%)
  • Broken or Modified Housings - (50%)
  • Missing Parts - (No Credit)
  • Not Completely Drained - ($25.00 Fee)

Transfer Cases

  • Disassembled - (50%)
  • Broken or Modified Housings - (50%)
  • Not Completely Drained - ($25.00 Fee)
  • Missing Parts - (No Credit)


  • Broken or Modified Housings - (50%)
  • Missing Axles/Yokes - (50%)
  • Not Completely Drained - ($15.00 Fee)

 Front/Rear Axle Assemblies

  • Bad/Modified/Bent Housings (50%)
  • Missing Axles/Yokes/Hubs (50%)
  • Not Completely Drained ($25.00 Fee)


  Customer: ____________________________________________________

Invoice #_________________________ IC#___________________________

[  ] Drained?          [  ] Check Due?           $___________________


Warranty Description & Sales Terms specific to Transmissions

  • Your transmission is covered by a 90 (ninety) day parts only warranty unless otherwise specified on your invoice. We will repair or replace at Pickup Salvage Company discretion if proven to be defective. Labor to install such replacement is not covered unless a labor warranty is purchased. Specifics and Limitations of the warranty are detailed in the General Warranty Terms page.
  • Customer is required to completely flush the cooling system and may be required to install a new radiator and/or transmission oil cooler. Additional installation requirements are detailed in the General Warranty Terms page. This includes flashing or reprogramming the main engine/transmission computer. Proof of doing this is required with any warranty claims.
  • A new filter and gasket set, and front/rear seals must be purchased and installed. Proof of this at the time of installation is required with any warranty claim.
    • NOTE: some transmissions such as Allison transmissions for example use more then one filter, all filters must be replaced.
  • A new clutch, pressure plate and throw-out bearing must be installed on manual/standard transmissions.
  • Any transmission installed in a vehicle with oversize tires or engine modification to increase output power will void any warranty and be sold "as-is" with no warranty.
  • Any transmission used for towing beyond manufacturers recommendations will void any warranty.
  • Manufacturer recommended fluids must be used to ensure longevity and is required. Improper fluid may void any warranty.
  • If a warranty claim shall arise, discontinue use of vehicle and contact Pickup Salvage Company before performing any work, removing, replacing the part will cause warranty will be void.
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